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Tashkent Airport CIP hall

CIP (Commercial Important Person) at Tashkent International Airport.  Using the facilities of the CIP hall are invited upon exiting the aircraft. They are then greeted at the boarding area. The airport expediter will take any luggage labels from the passenger if they are carrying baggage. As soon as all guests of CIP Tashkent Airport hall arrive at the meeting area, the whole group, accompanied by the airport expediter, transfers to the CIP hall by private bus. Guests must pass through passport control by themselves, before entering the CIP hall. There, passport control officials may ask to search hand luggage with a scanning device. If passengers have anything to declare, such as foreign currency (even a small amount), they must fill out a declaration form. Alcoholic beverages and extra meals are available in the CIP hall bar at additional cost. hall does not accept credit cards. Baggage is delivered and handed to passengers personally. Fee: $180