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Qashi travel guide and tourist informations, Uzbekistan

Qarshi is a city in southern Uzbekistan, it is the capital of Qashqadaryo Province. Originally the Sogdian city of Nakhshab, and the Islamic Persian city of Nasaf, Karshi was the second city of the Emirate of Bukhara. The city had a double set of walls, 10 caravanserais and 4 madrassahs during this time.

This small town became known these days due to the Shurtan natural gas field (one of the largest in Central Asia). Karshi is over 2700 years. According to UNESCO researches, as far back as in the 7th century BC some settlement existed on the site of current town.

Interesting construction is special domed structure – Sardoba, which was used for water keeping in this dry region. Similar constructions are located in the neighborhood of Karshi. By the way, because of water shortage people dug deep wells: for example in the village Kamuk, on the border of Kashkadaya steppe there is the well with depth of 97 meters.

Major Sights to see:

Khoja Adbul Aziz Madrassah - largest in town, now housing the Regional Museum
Rabiya Madrassah - a late 19th century female madrassah
Kok Gumbaz Mosque - part of a 16th century complex of buildings
World War II Memorial - Perhaps one of the ex-Soviet Union7s most monumental monuments