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Margilan travel guide and tourist informations, Uzbekistan

Margilan or Margelan is a city in Ferghana Valley in eastern Uzbekistan. Reliable records indicate that Margilan was an important stop on the Silk Road by the 9th century AD. The custom of exorcism is widespread throughout Transoxiana, and most of the renowned exorcists of Samarkand and Bukhara are Margilanis. Beautiful silk, manufactured in the city and its surroundings, was exported to Europe and the East along the ancient Great Silk Road routes into Baghdad, Kashgar, Khurasan, Egypt and Greece. Margilan merchants were key players in Central Asian commerce, and were said to be a law unto themselves during Soviet days, when Margilan was the heart of Uzbekistan’s black market. There is largest traditional silk factory, the Yodgorlik Silk Factory. Employing over 2,000 workers, everything is done in the traditional manner, for an annual output of some 250,000 square meters of highly premium silk cloth. Margilan has been active in the industry since ancient times. In 2007, the country widely celebrated the 2000th anniversary of Margilan.

There is a legend about the appearance of the city name, connected with the invasion of Alexander the Great. Local residents, having known about the intention of Alexander to visit their city, prepared a red carpet for him. One of the elders of the city offered to welcome the guest with chicken and bread. Alexander the Great asked after the feast what was the name of the dish. He was replied: "Murginon", that means "chicken and bread". On the way back, he tasted this dish again, and after called this area as "Murginon". Since that time, the city carries the name Margilan.