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Nukus travel guide and tourist informations,Uzbekistan

Igor Savitsky and Central Asia,

Nukus has one extrordinary museum, that you have to check out if you are around. The stunning Savitsky museum of art from Russia of the 1920s and 1930s - containing many thousands of items - is extraordinary and an extremely important collection of world-class Avant Garde art. Museum of Art named after I.V. Savitsky, which contains more than 50 000 paintings

Nukus is located in Karakalpakstan autonomous republic of Uzbekistan. It lies around 166km northwest of Urgench and located 76 meters above sea level. South and east parts of city are surrounded by Kizilkum desert. North part goes to Amudarya river’s delta.

Many centuries ago the ancient city Shurcha was on the site of current Nukus. Now this ancient town can be seen in the northwestern part of Nukus. According to historians, the town was one of the defensive fortresses, protecting the border of the ancient state of Khorezm and controlling the waterway on Amu-Darya. Local people say that until recently remnants of walls and towers could be found in the area of Shurcha town.

In outskirts of Nukus, in Khodjeyli town (that means "the land of the Pilgrims") there is a necropolis Mizdahkan, the tomb of Adam (as Muslims call it, although scientists believe that in fact it is the burial place of Gayomarda, the first man according to Zoroastrian mythology).