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Nurata travel guide and tourist informations, Yurts, Uzbekistan

Nurata is a town located in Navoi region - central part of Uzbekistan. There is a legend concerning the name of the town: "Many years ago some people were lost in the desert and they wanted to drink some water so much, but alas... Once in the morning when they lost almost all their hopes that they can be alive and see their families, they saw a ray in a distance.... In direct translation from Persian into English "Nur-ota" means father of rays, Nur - "ray, beam" and ota - "father".

Modest Nurata is most famous for its old, circle-patterned suzani, which can sell for thousands of dollars at international auctions, but it also has a few quirky tourist attractions, most notably an old fortress of Alexander the Great. Behind the fortress, a path leads 4km to the Zukarnay Petroglyphs, which date to the Bronze Age. There are many more petroglyphs at Sarmysh Gorge, accessible by car 40km northeast of Navoi.

Things to see near Nurata:

Sarmish Mountains
Nurata nature reserve
Yurts in Kyzylkum Desert
Aidarkul lake