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Tashkent travel guide and tourist informations, Uzbekistan

Tashkent is capital of Uzbekistan

Tashkent is one of the ancient city on the cross road of the Great Silk Road from China to Europe. Country: Uzbekistan Province: Tashkent Settled: 5th to 3rd centuries BC Time zone: (UTC+5)

Tashkent is main city of Uzbekistan with over 3 million population. The city decorated with wide streets and avenues, green parks and gardens, fountains. There is many cafes and restaurants present delicious national Uzbek and European as well as Russian cuisines. You will be surprised with wide range of restaurants with English, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, Chinese cuisine. You also expirience and enjoy stylish interior, food presentation and perfect service.

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Historical and architectural monuments of Tashkent 

- Chor-Su Oriental Bazar, colorful market with local dry fruits, spices, fresh fruit, and clothing market
  * Khodja Ahror Valiy - Juma Mosque
  * Kukeldash Madrasah
- Shayhataur Ensemble
  * Kaffol Shoshiy Mousoleum
  * Qaldirghochbiy Mousolem
  * Yunus-khan Mousoleum
- Zangiota Complex
  * Zangiota Mausoleum
  * Anbar-bibi Mousoleum
- Khast Imam Complex
  * Mui-Muborak library with original Osman Qoran of VII c
  * Barak-khan Madrasah
  * Hazrat Imam main Grand Mosque
- Abdulkasim Sheikh Madrasah
- Tilya Sheikh Mosque
- Sheikh Zaynudin Bobo Mousoleum 
- TV Tower (365 meter)
- Tashkent Metro (underground meseum)
- Tashkent Zoo
- Amir Temur Museum and Square
- Independence Square
- Applied Arts Museum
- History of Uzbekistan Museum
- Fine Art Museum
- Opera and Ballet Theatre