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Uzbekistan Visa

Uzbekistan Visa

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Before departure to airport.
Departure from Uzbekistan is made according to your air-ticket scheduled and issued in advance. The most important documents which you have to check before leaving the hotel: passport, air-ticket and validity of visa and number of entries.
In a plane
Before borading you should fill in Customs Declaration form 2 pcs per person. You put your name as it is in your passport, purpose of visit, # of passport, arrival flight details, sex, date of birth, name and amount of currency you bring in the country. Second copy of the customs form you should keep until you depart Uzbekistan so that you can show it to customs at airport of Tashkent or at the land border where you check out from Uzbekistan.
In case of lost of that copy you will pay penalty to the customs office.
Restricted to export from Uzbekistan:
- carpets, rugs, embroidery, souvenirs more that 3 pcs that have no certificate issued when you buy at boutique shops. If you don’t present this certificate at airport all antique and handicraft stuff will be confiscated or an expert of Ministry of Culture makes examination on spot and determine the fee to be paid.
On the reverse of the examined stuff and allowed for export they put stamp on them and allowed stuff for export is sealed.
In any case, when you buy antique or handicraft stuff please demand a certificate for that to avoid problem while leaving Uzbekistan.
It is possible to exchange USD, Euro, UK pounds, Japanese Yen at banks and exchange offices in hotels. Exchange offices and banks do not accept old banknotes: handwritten, torn, lined or wrinkled. Old moneys can be exchanged only at head office of National Bank in Tashkent with certain deduction depending on amount. While exchange of USD or other currency, please request original certificate of exchange so that you can exchange local money back to USD, otherwise local money is not exchanged back to USD. In Khiva it is recommended to have cash only. You can also exchange American Express traveler Cheques only to uzbek soums.
Cards (Visa and Mastercard)
It is possible to withdraw cash with ATM in 4-5 star hotels, but usually they don’t have enough cash available for exchange. In that case you can withdraw cash in Banks directly, you can also pay by cards at 3-4-5 star hotels for personal charges you may have at hotels. Banks Working hours: from 09.00-18.00, some till 1400.
Closed on Sundays and holidays.
Exchange offices are open : from 08.00-18.00.
Registration is made automatically once you check in hotel. You will get registration card in your passport when you check out hotel. Customs officer or passport control will check your registration at airport when you leave the country. If you don’t have that registration you will be requested to pay a penalty ( it is not practiced always but to avoid penalty recommended to have it from the hotel, in case if you don’t find it in your passport)